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Writing A New Story Part 4

Postponed by the hurricane we discover this Sunday how to live the story God is telling us, a story of grace, of confidence, of hope and future. Week 4 of our walk through Ephesians is going to be awesome. Hope to see you there!!!

Surviving a Crisis

Guest Speaker, Tom Bates, walks us into Surviving a Crisis from Luke 23:44-49. Tom is a gifted speaker from Florida Ministries, who has wide appeal across the state.

Writing a new Story Part 3

We have been waiting for this Sunday all summer. This is the Sunday that can alter our self image, our marriages, our parenting, our whole lives. It all begins this Sunday as we continue our walk into Ephesians and out of shame.

Oh That We May Weep

Jeff Frymire, one of our favorite guest speakers, joins us and walking us through Nehemiah 8:1-12 entitled, "Oh That We Might Weep". You won't want to miss his teaching!!

I'm No Saint

What do you do when you can't measure up? In our Writing a New Story series we are breaking the shame that seems to live in our hearts and minds, that we can't measure up, something is wrong with us, bad wrong. How about we put that one to rest this week?

Writing a New Story

Can anyone really know? If you are not "called" to be a teacher or a doctor or a pastor does God have a will for your life? And then the most powerful question…What if we miss God's will? Are we forever living a bit "doomed"?

The walk out of shame and into power begins this Sunday. Are you ready?

Fleshing Out Encouragement

Everyone needs it. Sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. But where do you find it? This week we explore how encouragement is fleshed out.

The Lens of the Kingdom

People have such interesting views of what will happen in eternity. Will their be a judgment? Is hell real? These are questions we can only answer from the vantage of scripture.

Chaos in our World

John had walked with Jesus, seen him heal, feed thousands and speak of the coming Kingdom. But now the world had gone mad! When the world seems filled with chaos where do we go? What can we do? Imagine the reality that the Lord has chosen us to live in this season pregnant with both darkness and light, hope and hurt. This is our time as followers of Christ, right here, right now! We move into that wonder this Sunday in our worship!